Original sketches Raw Demos By Nish Diaz

By Nish Diaz

BA (Recording arts) Advanced dip Multimedia /Communications

Quite simply a raw demo is the foundation to a masterpiece. Think of it as being in the infant stage of a proposed hit record. These are the songs that are held and protected in an incubator, waiting to be discovered by the right artist to bring them to life. Once it is taken home by an artist who wants to adopt it, they can shape it with their own style.

These raw demos are recordings and compositions created by our in house team of songwriters, producers and beat makers. Our team members set out to create satisfactory material that would give artist the structure, melody, rhythm, bpm, and the other essentials to make a great song. Occasionally we use acapellas to illustrate how the structure of a song can be performed.  The purpose of this is to assist an artist in developing and recording their new song.

 Demos have been commonly used in the music industry for decades, it allows artists to acquire quality material and  allows the creators  of the record to express themselves. For example Human Nature by Michael Jackson was inspired by a tape recording Steve Porcaro created for his daughter who was a victim of bullying. Michael heard the song by accident and decided to use it for his album and there a timeless hit was born.

The following links will provide an understanding of what i have been going on about have a listen!


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