How to Make it as a D.I.Y Emcee (PTI)

-Imo chadband

If you’re anyone that’s in the world of the living, you’ve in some form or fashion came across the genre of Hip Hop in the music world. While it can be quite the spectacle of music genres, it doesn’t come without its share of imposters slipping through the filter. As an artist trying to gain traction and recognition in an industry that has everyone from your grandmother to little nephew trying to make their name in the rap game, you’ll need to know a few things to set you apart from the flood gates of “rappers” claiming to be the next best thing.

And this, is where we come in. In this blog we’re going to touch on a couple key guidelines and advice that you’d need to know when embarking on the journey ahead. While everything is not overnight, many fail in this industry because they lack sound guidance. Luckily for you, our experience in the music industry comes with a wealth of knowledge that we’re more than willing to sprinkle your way and update your wisdom. Why? Because…we love music, we love hip hop, and most of all, we love assisting artists in becoming the best version of themselves. So sit tight, and digest these nuggets to propel your career to the next level.

  • RHYME SCHEME – at the core of rapping, is rhyming. What is rhyming? Simply put, it’s the combination of words that play along each other to create a visual experience to the ear. This can be achieved through the use of techniques such as, alliteration, repetition, and wordplay. There’s good raps, and then…there’s bad raps. It goes without saying that you, would like to be in the former right? Duh! So, how does one develop this skill of flow and lyricism without compromising either? Well, let’s break it down a bit further:
    1. STUDY. STUDY – Just like any skill, to grow as a rapper, one must study music to teach and elevate the mind. Listen to rappers you like, rappers that have mastered the art of lyricism and flow. And when I say listen, like really listen. Don’t skim through, listen to how they say certain words and connect and break apart their syllables.
    2. HAVE FUN! – Rapping is a very creative art form. It allows you to create your own style. You can develop your craft by making it fun. For instance, try rapping things you would normally say. Turn your conversations into a rap and try to fit them into flows and combinations. Just do you, go wild, explore how many ways you can connect words and sentences.
  • WRITE EVERY DAY – you would think to yourself, “well this is a no brainer!” But you’d be surprised how many Emcee’s fall short because they, simply, do, not, write, often. Many great lyricists, take for example Eminem, J Cole, they’ve many times said they just wrote daily perfecting their craft. They have books filled with scribbles and bars. Repetition is the father of learning. The more you write, the better you get. Try different sentence structures and flows. Pick a topic you’re passionate about and create songs; verses, hooks, bridge. Experiment. Go outside the box. Whatever you do, just write, and keep writing.
  • PRACTICE! – This cannot be stressed enough. It goes hand in hand with being consistent in writing. But, the writing needs to be verbalized. Have you ever read someone’s lyrics, but when they rap it…it just sounds…bleh? That’s the result of lack of practice. Yea you’re a good lyricist, but you can’t flow or deliver your rhymes over a beat to captivate your audience. Try these methods when practicing:
    1. Experiment with different beats. Let the instrumental run, and just let loose your lyrics. The world is yours, try alternate flows and deliveries, speed and cadence.
    2. Learn the lyrics of rappers who peak at flow and lyricism. Rap along to their records until you can accomplish it without a hitch. And after that make sure you can get it down to a T without the instrumental as well. Over time you’d find flows you couldn’t do before are automatically now in your arsenal.
    3. First off, you may find yourself imitating rappers you admire, but with practice you’ll develop your own voice and have your own cadence with rapping. This is the benefits you reap when you put that practice in. You’ll be able to place your own creative spin on different flows.
  • STUDY THE GREATS – this is one that will really give you that knowledge and understanding of rapping. If you want to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, you have to study the knowledge passed down in text books and documentaries by the scholars in those particular fields. It’s the same with rapping. To grow in the craft, you have to learn. And one of the best ways to learn, is to get firsthand experience and examples from those that are legend in the hip hop community. This ties in with the points made before. Take the time to really delve into rapper’s music. Pick apart their rhymes. Pay attention to their flows and how they connect syllables and sentences, how they pause at one point then speed up at another. Ask yourself “why did they say it like this, and not like this?” Repeat this until grasping their technique and rhyme structure becomes second nature. As stated before, don’t worry if you start sounding like those you’re studying at first, it’s perfectly natural, but over time you’ll start finding your voice and be able to turn the flows practiced into your own with your own flavor and style. Some notable rappers to be mentored by:
    1. Grandmaster CAZ
    2. Rakim
    3. Chuck D
    4. Kendrick Lamar
    5. KRS 1
    6. Nas
    7. Tupac Shakur
    8. Biggie Smalls
    9. JAY Z
    10. Talib kwali
    11. Ice Cube
    12. Black Thought
    13. Eminem
    14. Lauryn Hill
  • ATTITUDE – probably one of the most important things to being successful as an Emcee. Attitude! In the sense of your work ethic and passion. This is an industry with many competitors fighting for the same spot you are, trying to prove their worth. Those who tend to make it, not only follow the steps above, but also stick to them. They put the work in and let their passion speak. Even when no one else believes, they don’t quit, they believe in themselves and give the critics no other choice but to change their minds. So always have an attitude of never giving up. Go for your goal, and work to attain it no matter what lies ahead.



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